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High-tech air filters and air purifiers

Blue Skies

Air cleaning and air purification at home, at work, and on the go

Puresys offers a diverse range of high-tech air filters that can be installed in homes, offices, stores, schools, and also in vehicles. In addition, there is a portable model for use on the road, while traveling, in hotel rooms,...

Our technology is based on electro and chemical catalysis using isotropic copper and titanium dioxide metal foam combined with UV light. Puresys' high-quality air filters combine excellent results with simple operation, great efficiency and excellent cost-benefit analysis. You get an air quality that few other air filters achieve.

Puresys guarantees beneficial air for a healthy home, a stimulating school environment, or a productive workplace.


Measuring = knowing


Huma air quality monitors quickly and accurately give you all the necessary data about the quality of the air you breathe.

Especially people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or emphysema benefit from high air quality. But this is also an important factor in general health and well-being for everyone. Too high a level of CO2 in the room, for example, can lead to loss of concentration and severe headaches.

Huma's devices give you quick assurance of the air quality in the room you are in.

The HI-150 is a portable device that is easy to take with you when traveling. The HI-300 is a stationary device that monitors air quality in even large rooms. Plus, you can monitor up to 100 sensors via an app and Wi-Fi connection.

Always be confident. Breathe with confidence.

The value of clean air

The Health Effect Institute states in its comprehensive State of Global Air 2018 report that 90% of the world's population breathes poor quality air, whether on the streets, at work or even at home.

This can lead to serious respiratory and lung diseases, such as cancer, asthma, emphysema... But headaches, lack of concentration or energy and other symptoms can also be traced to poor air quality.

Current regulations require office buildings, schools, hospitals and other public buildings to have air filters up to HEPA level. These filter out all dirt and dust particles from the air, but do nothing about bacteria, viruses, fungi, harmful gases and ozone. The problem gets worse when it is taken into account that bacteria can form in the air conditioner ducts or on air vents, spreading further through the fans.

The Puresys air filters not only remove all dirt, pollen and the finest dust from the air, but also disinfect the air, eliminating all bacteria, viruses and gases as well.




Puresys holds several ISO certifications, the European CE safety certificate and many others.

The quality of air purification offered by Puresys makes these air filters suitable for use in the most sensitive places, such as schools, hospitals (including operating rooms), laboratories,... and for people with severe allergies or respiratory diseases.

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