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You get a 3-year warranty on all Puresys air filters from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers electrical and mechanical defects and number of working hours. Damage due to improper use and cases of force majeure will not be covered.


During these 3 years, you will enjoy free maintenance on your air filter. After that, you can use a paid repair service.


We have at least 5 years of spare parts for all our appliances.


If a defect appears on your air filter within 7 days of purchase, your appliance will be replaced immediately. Defects within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.


In some cases, you need to use the paid repair service even during the warranty:

  • When returned parts are found not to be defective. Please read the user manual carefully before contacting the repair service to avoid this.

  • Puresys disclaims all responsibility if the damage was caused by:

    • Misuse, incorrect repair or assembly

    • Repair by non-approved personnel

    • inappropriate power supply (e.g. 110V instead of 220-230V)

    • shock or a fall from the device

    • parts not supplied or approved by of Puresys

  • When the defect is caused by a case of force majeure (fire, flood and the like)

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