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High-tech air filters and air cleaners

About Puresys

Puresys saw the light of day in the Technology and Research & Development Industrial Zone in Daejong, South Korea. The Daedeok Innopolis was founded as part of the Korean government's major structural investment in R&D and technology since the 1970s. Because of this continued commitment, Daedeok's universities, research institutes and technology companies are today among the world's best.

Puresys Company ltd. has been at the forefront of high-tech air filters and air purifiers since its establishment in 2006. The devices not only filter all dirt particles from the air, but also disinfect the air of all bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals,... Moreover, this environmentally conscious company uses only ecologically sound, sustainable technology.

The problem of air pollution in Asia is well known. So the demand for quality air purifiers is high there. Puresys' high-quality air filters combine excellent results with simple operation, great efficiency and excellent cost-benefit analysis. The company therefore quickly grew to become one of the major players in the market. Its air filters can be found all over South Korea, including in a lot of government buildings, schools, hospitals, laboratories,...

Lab Grown Meat

Belgian company Ekorika bvba had been importing and selling water filters from South Korea for 20 years when the first contacts were made with Puresys in 2015 at a technology sector event in Daejong. At that time, the South Korean company had few exports, and none outside Asia.

Ekorika and Puresys came to an agreement: as an agent in Belgium, Ekorika would import the air filters from South Korea and market them in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Since then, these air filters have been conquering Europe. The high quality and technology that leaves the competition far behind assure Puresys of an ever-increasing market share. Other European countries will be represented in the near future, and there are plans to expand to the United States as well. For Puresys, the road to the future is open worldwide.

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